Flower* Inc.

Tokyo Based Film Production Company.

We are offering high level of international film production solutions / achievements with our global partners.

-Film Creative Directing, Producing and Script-Writing

-Consulting for Film Production ( ex. We provide consulting services on Japanese culture and customs in international video/animation production. )

-Advising / Coordinating  ( For shooting in Japan in international video production, we also produce remote shooting. )

Masaya Matsui


Masaya MATSUI is Paris/Tokyo based Film Director/Producer.

He started Flower* Inc. as his production company in 2011 after 10 years of career as a VFX director, He directs/produces many international movies.

As a Film Director, his film style is imaginative and poetic. It is based on innovative idea, creative design/script and an authentic way of filming.

His films were shown/awarded in international film festivals and Ad festivals.

As a Producer, he produces and consults many international productions. He is proposing new international production style with Flower* Inc.’s global partners.

Agent & Contact

Film: S.E. Talent Management




2021 「Danseuse sous le pont」(Exhibition at CPA Pina Bausch in Paris)
2020 「À (10) Centimètres」(Short film, France-Japan )
2019 「POSTMAN」(AnimEDU Taiwan Int’l Film Festival, Closing Film)
2018 「20£ DREAM」(Full-length Feature film, France-Nigeria-Japan ) 
2014 「My Life In The Lunchbox」 ( Short film, Japan )
2012 「Ecoyomi In Animation」 ( Animation Short film, Japan )
            「Ushers -Dark Tale of A Bright Night」- (Web Drama, Italy )
            「ORANGE」 (Short film, Japan-Philippines )
            「Mizumonogatari」(Documentary, IMAX/Large Screen, Japan )
2010 「The Boy And The Whore」 (Short film, Japan )
            「A Letter From Giovanna」 (Short film for Canon, Japan )
2006「Earth Story」 (Documentary, IMAX/Large Screen, Japan )