Flower* Inc.

Tokyo Based Film Production Company.

We are offering high level of international film production solutions / achievements with our global partners.

-Film Creative Directing, Producing and Script-Writing

-Consulting for Film Production ( ex. We provide consulting services on Japanese culture and customs in international video/animation production. )

-Advising / Coordinating  ( For shooting in Japan in international video production, we also produce remote shooting. )

Masaya Matsui


Masaya MATSUI is Paris/Tokyo based Film Director/Producer.

Before starting a filmmaking, he spent about ten years as a VFX director in Tokyo, this career helped him to start directing live action films.

As Film Director, his film style is imaginative and poetic. It is based on innovative idea, creative design/script and an authentic way of filming.

His films were shown/awarded in international film festivals and Ad festivals.

As Producer, he produces and consults many international productions. He is proposing new international production style with Flower* Inc.’s global partners.

Agent & Contact

Advertisement : ONSTUDIO PARIS

Film: S.E. Talent Management




2020 「À (10) Centimètres」(Short film, France-Japan )

2019 「POSTMAN」(AnimEDU Taiwan Int’l Film Festival, Closing Film)

2018 「20£ DREAM」(Full-length Feature film, France-Nigeria-Japan ) 

2014 「My Life In The Lunchbox」 ( Short film, Japan )

2012 「Ecoyomi In Animation」 ( Animation Short film, Japan )

「Ushers -Dark Tale of A Bright Night」- (Web Drama, Italy )

            「ORANGE」 (Short film, Japan-Phiippines )

「Mizumonogatari」(Documentary, IMAX/Large Screen, Japan )

2010 「The Boy And The Whore」 (Short film, Japan )

「A Letter From Giovanna」 (Short film for Canon, Japan )

2006「Earth Story」 (Documentary, IMAX/Large Screen, Japan )

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