Consulting Service

We are offering the service of consulting Japanese culture and dialogue adaptation for international project such as Film production or Animation project which is about Japan.

Recent years, we have many film contents about Japan, but unfortunately most of cases, there were many misunderstandings or mistakes about Japanese culture and language.

It will not be easy if you correct everything without filmmaker with knowledge about Japan.
This process is definitely important for you to organise the proper shooting because you cannot replace dialogues, props and/or way of Samurai after the shooting.

We offer you valuable information and consultation in pre-production or script-writing phase.

Please feel free to contact us via ‘contact’.

Creative Direction / Direction

IDEA has no limit.

We offer you an amazing creative direction / direction with imaginative ideas.
Example shows you how we approach to the objects or motifs which lead your audience to your product’s promotion.
With any images, your promotion will be transforming to cool Ad when you get the right idea!

We write or draw unbelievable story for you.

Please feel free to contact us via ‘contact’.

Production Advising / Coordinating for shooting in Japan

We also offer you advising and coordinating service for your shooting in Japan.

It might not be so easy to build your shooting plan or to find the right person who can organise your shooting in Japan.
A lot of research, paper works, and permissions which you may have to do by yourself.

We have experienced many cases of helping the international shooting in Japan.

Share your project with us! We will propose you the best plan which you cannot reach in front of your laptops.

Please feel free to contact us via ‘contact’.