Foorin team E ‘Paprika’ Music Video (International Ver.)

Kenshi Yonezu, NHK, SONY MUSIC LABELS, Tetrapot Films + Flower*

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PAPRIKA is Japanese pop song and the official cheer song of the rescheduled 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo. In the video, kids from 29 cities of 27 countries dancing with full of smile at a scenic landmarks in each places.

Flower* Inc. produced 21 shootings in 21 different countries for the project. This production is the proper example which shows how Flower* Inc. works in collaboration with filmmakers from all around the world. It has the range of diversity, the way of efficiency and high level of production achievement which was required by SONY MUSIC,  the production company and the musician.

Patmos/Greece, Paris/France, Berlin/Germany, Sofia/Bulgaria, Oslo/Norway, Walsaw/Poland, Budapest/Hungary, Marlkina/Philippines, Singapore, Ho chi ming/Vietnam, Bankok/Thailand, New delhi/India, Shanghai/China, Newcastle/Australia, Tehran/Iran, Marakesh/Morrocco, Lagos/Nigeria, Porto Novo/Benin, Nairobi/Kenya, Kigali/Rwanda, Soweto/South Africa.